The Best Things I’ve Read on the SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Ruling

I plan to write more about the topic of homosexuality and Christianity in the future here, but in light of the recent and historic ruling of the Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriage across our country, I though it worthwhile to post some of the best things I’ve come across so far on the topic to help Christians continue to think through this.

This is not intended to be an all-inclusive discussion as there are MANY other facets of this conversation that need to be had, and I’m not even sure I fully agree with every point made in these articles. This is simply to say I think these are worth checking out.

40 Questions for Christians Waving Rainbow Flags by Kevin DeYoung

It did not surprise me in the least that same sex marriage was made the law of the land last week. What is concerning to me is that there is a growing number of Christians who support same sex marriage not only from a civic, divorced-from-my-faith-convictions standpoint, but from a “God is totally okay with this even for Christians” standpoint.

These Christians in one way or another are dismissing the Bible’s claims about homosexual behavior (along with thousands of years of church history) and asserting that God has no issue and in fact would celebrate committed, monogamous same sex relationships.

Kevin DeYoung has many questions that demand good answers for this group, and I have yet to find compelling answers to them (and I have had open ears and done a lot of reading).

The Bible and Same Sex Relationships: A Review Article by Tim Keller

The group that I mentioned in the previous section are led by writers such as Matthew Vines and Ken Wilson, among others. These guys are arguing that the prohibitions in the Bible about homosexual behavior are not really talking about committed, monagamous relationships and therefore the prohibitions don’t apply to all types of same sex relationships.

Tim Keller read each of their books and wrote a short review article that makes quick work of their best arguments.

11 Thoughts on SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Ruling by Josh Howerton

This post gives some quick but helpful and broad thoughts for Christians. These are good reminders and could help frame the way we think about this issue as we move forward.

Why the Gay Marriage Debate was Over in 1950 by Joel Miller

This is a helpful look at some of the undercurrents beneath our society and the cultural shifts that have occurred in the last few decades. I think as Christians we have to do some deeper analysis of our culture and the deep beliefs that have led us to where we are today, and even look at how some of our mistakes may have even contributed to where we are today. I read one article where the author noted that what he called the Sexual Gospel (that God must be okay with whatever sexual desires I have) is a logical outflow of the Prosperity Gospel that has run so rampant in our churches–except with experiences and not materialism.

Making Sense of Scripture’s “Inconsistency” by Tim Keller

This is Tim Keller at his best addressing those who level claims that Christians uphold certain things the Bible prohibits (like homosexual behavior) while ignoring others (parts of the ceremonial law in the Old Testament like not wearing clothes made of two different fabrics).

The difference between ceremonial law (which Jesus nullified by becoming our sacrifice and making us acceptable to God) and moral law (which Jesus upheld as God’s design for human flourishing) is absolutely essential. Keller does a great job here of explaining why not living under ceremonial laws is consistent with the gospel story, not the opposite.

Thriving Churches in a Hostile Culture (Tim Keller, John Piper and D.A. Carson)

This video was made before the Supreme Court ruling, but it has some good insight on the church’s role in a culture that is growing in hostility towards the Christian faith.


Have any to add to the list? Feel free to leave in the comments.

Also, I will be on vacation next week so there will not be a post. Have a great 4th of July!


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  1. I loved that video so much. Especially the part where Piper gets all emotional and Keller acts like: “John…I can’t handle the emotion. Stick to intellectual arguments. KEEP IT INTELLECTUAL.”

    See minute 10.

    Bah. Amazing.

  2. I think for some, it boils down to those that do not wish to know what they know. Reading the bible and studying to gain personal knowledge is too hard. They would rather google their questions than commit to prayer and study. They become vulnerable to preachers of a different gospel and trapped by charismatic and sensational speakers that come off as intelligent, and they don’t even go to their bible to see if they need to disagree. Too lazy to read and definitely too lazy to oppose the main stream.

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